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Which cookies does exdividenddate.co.uk use?

We set a cookie once you've acknowledged our use of cookies. This is to stop our cookie policy message being displayed on subsequent visits when you've already seen it.

What about third party cookies when I visit your website?

The cookies third parties set when you visit our website can be divided into two types - advertising and web analytics cookies. Both of these are detailed below:

Advertising cookies

We currently display advertisements at the top, middle and right hand side of our website.

In order to display these advertisements, third party vendors, including Google AdSense, use cookies.

Google uses the DoubleClick cookie to serve ads based on your visits to this website and others on the Internet. This is often referred to as "interest-based advertising".

Should you wish to do so, you can opt out of using the DoubleClick cookie by visiting this page.

In general, you can opt out of third party vendors' use of cookies for interest based advertising by visiting Digital Advertising Alliance's consumer choice page.

Web analytics cookies

In order to analyse statistics of visitors to our website, such as number of unique visitors on a given day, we use a service called StatCounter.

To provide this service, StatCounter sets a number of cookies. The list of cookies which may be set are detailed on StatCounter's cookie page.

To opt out of using StatCounter cookies, please visit their cookie refusal page