Ex Dividend Date


Website: RDI REIT
Index: FTSE Small Cap
Sector: Real Estate Investment Trusts
Subsector: Diversified REITs

Next RDI REIT Dividend

RDI REIT next goes ex-dividend on 21/11/2019. This will be the 2nd Interim dividend for 2019.

The dividend per share amount is 6.00p and the payment date is 10/12/2019.

RDI REIT Dividend History

Ex Dividend DatePayment DateTypeAmountCurrency
08/05/201324/05/20131st Interim1.48pGBP
20/11/201329/11/20132nd Interim1.63pGBP
21/05/201405/06/20141st Interim1.50pGBP
20/11/201405/12/20142nd Interim1.70pGBP
21/05/201505/06/20151st Interim1.60pGBP
19/11/201504/12/20152nd Interim1.65pGBP
19/05/201606/06/20161st Interim1.63pGBP
17/11/201612/12/20162nd Interim1.58pGBP
08/06/201726/06/20171st Interim1.30pGBP
30/11/201718/12/20172nd Interim1.30pGBP
07/06/201825/06/20181st Interim1.35pGBP
29/11/201818/12/20182nd Interim1.35pGBP
06/06/201925/06/20191st Interim4.00pGBP
21/11/201910/12/20192nd Interim6.00pGBP