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Privacy Policy

1. Your Personal Information

1.1 If you ever let us know your email address, for example if you sign up to our weekly email or contact us, we will never disclose it to any third party.

1.2 If you have chosen to subscribe to our weekly email, but later decide you no longer wish to receive it you can unsubscribe at any time by either 1) visiting our weekly email page, entering your email address, ticking the "Unsubscribe" box and then clicking "Submit" or 2) clicking on the unsubscribe link which each email we send contains.

1.3 We use a third party service, StatCounter, to collect information about visits to our website, including date and time of visit, the page on our website visited and visitor IP address. None of this information can be used to personally identify you, and simply assists us in assessing, for example, which pages on our website are the most popular and how many visitors make a returning visit.

2. Third party advertisements

2.1 We display advertisements from third parties including Google. These are currently dispayed on the top right hand corner and the right hand side of our website.

2.2 In order to display these, the third parties use cookies to base the advertisement selection on any prior visits you may have made to the website.

2.3 You can read about more about how we use cookies on our dedicated cookie policy page.